How to choose an accounting office - some valuable tips

When you start a business, one of the most important decisions you need to make concerns accounting and tax settlements. If your business is not complicated, you can generally keep your tax records yourself or run it with the support of another person. When the desire to save time wins or there is an obligation to keep full accounting books, it remains to choose a company that provides accounting services. There are dozens in smaller cities, and hundreds in large cities colloquially called accounting offices. Simplified accounting is the most popular service they offer.

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How do you make the right choice?

If you do not deal with accounting on a daily basis, you will rather not be able to assess the professionalism or level of knowledge of your accountant. This means that choosing an accounting office is almost always risky. By undertaking cooperation with a company providing accounting services, you will probably meet with the owner or manager, who then delegates someone from his team to perform the task. No special qualifications are required for ordinary keeping of accounting records, but the settlement of tax or accounting matters may already require considerable knowledge and experience.
For this reason, it is extremely important who will personally keep the books or who will be supervised by them. Therefore, we do not recommend making decisions solely on the basis of subjective impressions from the initial meeting. Especially in larger offices, where many employees are employed, the quality of supervision is important. Before doing so, it would be good to get your friends' opinion or use testimonials, or take advantage of the opinions of people who know things well. It is worth taking with you a person oriented in this matter to meet with the owner of the office.

Civil liability of an accounting office

Some accounting firms boast of having a liability insurance policy. However, this is not a factor that can be a special advantage, because every company providing custom accounting services must have a liability insurance policy for a minimum of 10 thousand. euro. This is a necessary requirement for this type of business. If the company has a policy with a larger sum of insurance than 10,000 the euro is undoubtedly a positive factor. But in the event of damage, you will probably have to go to court, so the way to compensation is very long.

Office location

It is no longer as important as it is now. Documents can be transmitted in electronic form, e.g. by e-mail or via electronic document circulation systems, and vis-to-vis meetings can be carried out, e.g. via instant messengers. Corporations have their own accounting centers serving companies around the world, the more remote servicing of small accounting is possible. If you like to meet a bookkeeper directly from time to time, make sure you don't travel in traffic jams throughout the city to meet. Check which locations the accounting office supports.

License for accounting services

As with third party insurance, some companies ensure that they have a license for accounting services. Do not be convinced by the argument that this is something special that others do not have, because in short, there is no license or certificate entitling you to run an accounting office. Formerly there was a requirement to have an accounting certificate (qualification certificate) authorizing to keep books on order, which was issued by the Ministry of Finance, but to specific persons, not offices.
Currently, such a certificate is not required and basically anyone can run an accounting office. If someone has a certificate, it is great because it indicates that he either passed the exam at the Ministry of Finance or completed post-graduate studies or accounting. But the certificate itself is not currently a document granting any permissions. It is worth noting that in the past certificates were also issued without exams, e.g. for those who completed post-graduate studies in accounting and it was relatively easy to obtain them for people without practical experience.

What else to pay attention to

When working with an accounting company, try to control yourself whether all obligations have been properly performed. If you keep a tax book of revenues and expenses, after the end of each month, make sure you have received its current state for the month. Similarly with tax returns, check UPO - official receipts. If you keep full accounting books, request a statement of turnover and balances after the end of each month. If in doubt, keep it up to date. Apply the principle of limited trust. If you are not familiar with accounting or tax issues, it is understandable, because that's what you use the services of specialists. However, you should control important and basic issues, e.g. you should know what the right VAT rates are for the business you run, whether you pay a flat or scale tax, do you have copies of documents about the selection of a flat rate in PIT etc. When something goes wrong, you will usually learn after an audit from the tax office or a change in the accounting company. If you have control from the tax office and no deficiencies have been found, then you have good confirmation of the quality of services.

Finally the price

Taken from life. Question to the owner of the accounting office - Why does he propose such a high price for services, since elsewhere you can have the same for a much lower price? And the answer - I don't hire people directly after high school, and my employees work in good conditions. Indeed, service prices may vary significantly, but higher prices may result from reasonable costs and provide a higher quality service.
Promotions, e.g. the first month for free, often catch the eye. It is worth taking this opportunity, but it's also worth making sure that the total cost of the service in another company will not be lower. If you keep full accounting books, e.g. check the price for preparing the annual financial statements.